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Hello! My name is Eric Herbelin.

With over three decades of business experience, Eric Herbelin talks about leadership and change, growth and innovation as well as data and analytics.

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Eric Herbelin has a passion for teams, and has been featured discussing organizational insights as well as sharing valuable advice about leadership and change on platforms like ABC Money, Digital Journal, MarketsHerald and more. 

With Swiss roots, Eric Herbelin has worked in every major market, successfully launching products in every major continent. His news features and isights have been translated into English, German and French. 


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Eric Herbelin shares his perspectives online to spark dialogue and exchange on themes such as growth and innovation as well as data and analytics. 

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Eric Herbelin was featured in Hudson Weekly, where he discussed how to use analytics to drive business growth. 

Herbelin shares that actionable insights rooted in analytics can help companies make informed decisions, optimize processes and increase profitability. He also stresses the importance of choosing the right analytics tools and developing a data-driven culture within the organization.



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